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Physician Level III Training Certification

Prerequisite: Physician Level II Training Certification

Target Audience:

This course entails fulfilling requirements for Physician Level III Training Certification credentialing.

In this four and one-half day offering attendees will be proctored to perform an additional 150 cases including 50 live cases by operating a 3–dimensional workstation to extract pertinent information from a thoracic volume of interest (VOI), then analyze and interpret thecardiovascular findings systematically, using CT method, toconstruct a complete and accurate Cardiovascular CT Report, judge the quality of Cardiovascular CT studies and its relationship to cardiacCT technical factors including the advantages and disadvantages of varioustypes of cardiovascular CT scanners: 32 slice, 64 slice, 256 slice, and dual source CT.

Characterize plaque density and vulnerability for individual lesions, differencebetween abnormal findings and image artifact, and caveats of stenosisestimation including the effect of window and level view settings. Evaluate regional contractility, calculated estimation of ejection fraction,myocardial resting perfusion, native and mechanical valves, and pericardial disease.

Advanced cases reviewed for:

  • Normal and Early Coronary Artery Disease
  • Moderate Coronary Artery Disease
  • Coronary Anomalies
  • CTA Artifacts
  • Cardiac, Non-coronary Pathology
  • Non-Cardiac Pathology
  • Severe Coronary Disease
  • Analysis of Coronary Stents
  • Coronary Bypass Surgery
  • CTA Emergency Department

Requirements for Physician Level III Training Certification Clinical Competence in CCT

  • Board certification or eligibility, validmedical license, and completion of 6months (cumulative) of training inCCT,
  • AND 300 contrast CCTexaminations. For at least 100 of these cases, the candidate must bephysically present, and be involved in
  • the acquisition and interpretation ofthe case
  • AND evaluation of 100 non-contraststudies
  • AND completion of 40 hours of courses/lectures related to CT in generaland/or CCT in particular